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Want to CHALLENGE the status quo?

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The FRDC has partnered with leader in start-up science, X-Lab to run an innovation program, starting with two Fish-X Microhack Workshops – to help take innovative ideas and turn them into a reality.

Everyone has the ability to transform ideas into world-changing businesses. They just need the right tools, mindset and methodology to get them there.

The role of X-Lab is to help organisations and entrepreneurs turn their ideas into successful businesses. The methodologies and tools they employ have been refined over many years, helping hundreds of people test their business ideas. The result is a lean, experimental approach which allows our clients to pursue big opportunities with less capital risk.

We are looking for those in the fishing and aquaculture world with big ideas – individuals, pairs or small groups of fishers, farmers, researchers, consultants, inventors – to apply to participate in this first step to create change. The microhacks workshop will help turn science into technology, and technology into business.

The microhack workshops will involve:

  • A hands-on, two-day workshop in Sydney utilising X-Lab Start-up methodology
  • Bringing an idea and watching it come to life
  • Developing ideas with experts from different parts of fishing and aquaculture
  • The opportunity for the best ideas to be incubated into real start-up businesses.

At the end of the microhack, investors will be present to hear your ideas and some ideas will be given the opportunity to take the idea into Fish-X Accelerator.

Two microhacks workshops are scheduled for – November 2-3 and February 2018. So it is really important if you are interested in participating that you apply!

Attendance to the microhacks workshop will be free of charge for the successful applicants – with the FRDC reimbursing reasonable travel and accommodation cost to participate in this exciting opportunity.

Applications are now open, closing date for the first Fish-X Microhack is October 10.