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Helping Innovators Build

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of the Future



We understand bringing new ideas to life is difficult. Fish-X provides a pathway for those who want to take innovative ideas that solve big industry challenges and turn them into reality.   Fish-X gives participants the tools and supportive environment they need to succeed.   Fish-X Assessments are run year round, so there are no set dates or restrictions for entry into the first stage of the program.   Individuals, pairs or small teams of fishers, farmers, researchers, consultants, business owners, and inventors are encouraged to apply and help create change in a rapidly evolving industry.   Applicants have the chance to qualify for the Fish-X Mentorship Program.   The program has worked with over 60 teams over the last 18 months.   Do you have a new idea for products or services, or an opportunity to commercialise research, relevant to the Fisheries? The industry needs you!

Read how program participants are innovating faster with our help

Fillet out the middleman

Fillet out the middleman

Building relationships directly with customers to offer them the freshest possible seafood is the latest enterprise challenge for Serena Zipf of Rocky Point Aquaculture.

Voyage to an electric future

Voyage to an electric future

Dennis Holder is a career fisher, a 31-year veteran of fishing for Blue Swimmer Crab off the South Australian coast. In that time he has owned 11 boats, two of which he built and project managed.

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