Fish-X Microhack

This program provides a space for researchers to connect with primary producers for two days to imagine what the future of primary industry in Australia could look like. It will operate as an opportunity to spark creative opportunities by facilitating synergies between people with different backgrounds. True innovation is challenging, but the providing the right environment can prove a fertile ground.


Two-day workshops will be hosted in Sydney throughout the year. Each workshop will focus on specific themes. If you are an industry innovator, primary producer or researcher, you can bring along a product or business idea and use tried and tested methodologies to bring it to life. After two days you will have a clear understanding of your next steps.

We transform science into technology and technology into businesses to make your innovation sustainable and enduring.

As ideas emerge, participants will have the opportunity to take ideas to the next step in the Fish-X program, to be sponsored by FRDC and delivered by X-Lab.