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Fisheries, Aquaculture & Seafood Accelerator



Do you have innovative solutions that will contribute to the sustainability growth of the Fisheries, Aquaculture & Seafood Industry?

We understand that bringing new ideas to life is difficult. Our new look program has been designed to help fishers, farmers, researchers, consultants, business owners, and inventors like you. We’ll help you get ideas for products or services into real markets or take industry research out of the lab into commercialisation pathways faster.



Read how the Fish-X Program has helped others innovate faster

Dog Treats Tip the Scales on Fish Waste

Dog Treats Tip the Scales on Fish Waste

For 16 years Glen was a commercial fisher, based at Mission Beach in Queensland, and he is all too familiar with the challenges of the sector. Among these are large catches of fish that the market just doesn’t want, and the relatively small proportion of each fish...

The Digital Life of Oysters

The Digital Life of Oysters

Ewan McAsh on his farm in the Clyde River, New South Wales. Photo: Signature Oysters Like many oyster farmers, Ewan McAsh faced a contradiction at the very heart of his business. Despite working every day in a peaceful, pristine environment with a slow-growing animal,...

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